Words of inspiration for the soul.

“The refinement of the soul, with the help of G-d, occurs through a constant focus on introspection, as one gains insight into the way our lives are being shaped by Him. In doing so, it is important to pay attention to the events in our lives, whether positive or negative, in order to begin to notice any patterns that could enlighten us as to how the tapestry of our lives is being woven from Above.” 

– from Introspection

In the midst of our nisyanos (trials), we are best availed by recognising the condition of our own hearts, and looking within towards whatever may be likened to a plague that diminishes the moral quality of our thoughts, speech, and actions, from G-d’s perspective of our character. In His eyes, we need to make amends for our shortcomings, failures to heed doing what we know is right, and our negative character traits that may lead towards unrighteousness. Yet, He will be merciful towards us, and forgive us; and, then, G-d willing, healing of mind, body, and spirit will occur over time.

– from Prayer as Remedy