An unmeasured amount of blessings,

found within these two leather boxes;

a treasure beyond compare to things,

discarded after wear & tear, and disuse.

My tefillin contain the keys to life,

divinely-inspired words for my heart,

to contemplate, while setting aside strife;

and permit my soul to regain its art.

These pearls of lasting value,

bestowed upon me by my mother,

after my father’s transition to shomayim,

so that I can carry on the sacred task.

How many generations were these passed

down from father to son, until I received

them at last, that wearing them might mend

my fractured soul, and renew my strength?

Every morning before sunrise, I bind

the leather straps seven times around my arm;

and, place the second box upon my head,

carefully above the hairline, according to halacha –

a repository of tradition, to safeguard my faith.

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