“Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him hastily out of the dungeon.” – Genesis 41:14, JPS 1917 Tanach

In the previous parashas, Joseph had asked the Cupbearer of Pharaoh, who had been imprisoned with him to remember him when he is restored to his position in Pharaoh’s court. Yet, the cupbearer forgot about Joseph; and, Joseph remained in prison for another two years. At this time, to the day, Joseph’s salvation was at hand. For Pharaoh had dreamed two dreams that portrayed the same admonition; yet, none of Pharaoh’s couriers could interpret the dream.

Now, the cupbearer recalled Joseph, who had interpreted his dream, and the dream of the chief baker while they were in prison. Joseph had interpreted their dreams correctly; so, the cupbearer related the story to Pharaoh with the intent of recommending Joseph to Pharaoh as someone who might be able to interpret his dream – for the dream was one dream, essentially, repeated a second time in a slightly different manner.

It is interesting to note that Joseph was brought “hastily” out of prison (see above). According to Sforno, when H’Shem brings about a salvation, it occurs in a quick fashion. Joseph immediately shaved and changed his clothes, before appearing in Pharaoh’s court. Incidentally, the culmination of the current Geulah (exile), the dispersion of the Jewish people outside of Israel, since the destruction of the second Temple will be an unexpected salvation.

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