Tiferes shebbe Yesod: Beauty within Foundation. Otherwise rendered as harmony within foundation. Tiferes represents unity, harmony, and the resultant beauty of a perfect blend of opposites. A foundation needs to be a structure that is balanced enough to support a building; foundational beliefs need to be congruent, in order to provide a basis for an overall belief system.

In life, many people have implicit assumptions that guide their thought and action. Yet, for the most part, unless a conscious effort is made to discern the nature of one’s presuppositions, they remain hidden. For myself, I would like to be able to harness all of my thought, speech, and action, to be in accordance with my belief and practice. Yet, it is possible that unknown presuppositions, contrary to my belief system, may hinder this endeavor.

So, while it is assumed that predominantly, people who have not immersed themselves within a comprehensive belief system, are guided or misguided by their presuppositions, I do not think that anyone, including myself is immune to facets of their lives that have not been fully accounted for or reined in, so to speak, to use another metaphor, “under one’s thumb.” Ideally, all aspects of oneself need to be brought into alignment within an overall framework of belief and practice.

This is the basic structure not only of religion, also any ethical or moral system. Belief, and commandments based upon that belief. Ethics, and a way of life based upon those ethics. Morals, and a life grounded in morality. If there is a disconnect between the two, whereof, the adherent is not walking in accordance with sound principles, then there is a neglect of practicing what one upholds as truth, or a standard of righteousness.

For those who live solely according to their presuppositions, the path is unclear. Without a standard, there can be no foundation of a basic groundwork, tenets, and truths. The ideal task for anyone, including myself, would be to harmonize all areas of one’s life; especially, so that one is truly in accord with a standard in life. The ethical and moral principles of the commandments are derived from the authority of G-d: so that belief in G-d is primary in order to receive the commandments as divine decrees. Yet, for those who are simply trying to be a mensch (good person), I commend you.

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