Omer: Day 35 Malchut shebbe Hod

malchut shebbe hod: kingdom within splendor

Otherwise rendered as as sovereignty within humility.

Malchut may represent sovereignty, dignity, and autonomy. We can walk with humility, while still maintaining a sense of dignity. This is because being humble does not mean becoming a doormat for other people to step on with soiled shoes, figuratively speaking. Rather, humility permits us to acknowledge our weaknesses without disregarding our strengths.

While pride is an overexaggerated sense of self importance; in contrast, humility is a fair assessment of ourselves as limited, yet, sufficient human beings. When we stand with integrity, without placing ourselves on a pedestal, so to speak, we act in humility by not pretending to be more than who we really are. This requires self examination, as well as a complete honesty with ourselves. If we accept who we are, with all of our faults and foibles, then we do not need to try to aggrandize ourselves.

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