“And Moses and Aaron went into the tent of meeting, and came out, and blessed the people; and the glory of the L-RD appeared unto all the people.  And there came forth fire from the L-RD.”

– Leviticus 9:23, JPS 1917 Tanach

On the eighth day of the inauguration for the mishkan (tabernacle), the “fire from the L-RD” consumed the offering. The offerings of that day included a calf as a sin-offering, of which commentary mentions atoned for Aaron’s role in the making of the golden calf.  Also, a goat as a sin-offering to atone for the people. Additionally, an olah, and the people’s shelamin – peace offering – as well as the daily morning Tamid offering.

The people had grown expectant, to the point of concern, over the previous seven days, in which Moses daily performed the inauguration service on his own. On the eighth day, corresponding to the first of Nissan, one year after leaving Egypt everything was in place; yet, still there was no fire from Shomayim (Heaven).

It was at this point, that “Moses and Aaron went into the tent of meeting.” One commentary explains, that when Aaron perceived that the offerings had been made, yet, the heavenly fire had not descended, he thought that H’Shem was angry with him.  Therefore, he and Moses entered the Tabernacle to pray; and, when they walked out, the fire descended. 

This impressive event, whereby, the “glory of the L-RD appeared,” and, the fire descended, elicited the people’s response to prostrate themselves on the ground – two million people in the desert, worshipping H’Shem, in this manner, expressing their “awe and gratitude.”

Baruch H’Shem (Praise G-d). Shabbat shalom.

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