yesod shebbe hod

(foundation within humility)

The emotional correspondent of the attribute of “yesod,” representing foundation, may be understood as peacefulness. Yesod has to do with completeness, for example, building a foundation that will last. This is understood most clearly, in regard to the Hebrew word, “shalom,” meaning peace; yet, the root meaning of “shalom” is “whole.” Therefore, yesod also has to do with a sense of wholeness.

Yesod also denotes truth. In consideration of the truth within humility, it could be said that the foundation within humility needs to rest on truth. The building blocks of a solid foundation, need to be composed of the truths most relevant to our lives. Yet, humility, a seemingly abstract quality, also needs to be supported by the truths that are most imperative within the framework of our character. How may this be expressed in our lives?

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