Omer Count: Day 21

malchus shebbe tiferes

sovereignty within harmony

The sovereignty of G-d over His creation is tantamount to keeping order in the world, from His perspective. In our own lives, we are also granted a certain amount of autonomy, that should not be taken for granted; rather, our sense of direction is best understood within the greater context of our relationship with G-d, as well as our fellow human beings.

With that in mind, consider how important these relationships are to our own sense of well being. No man is an island; we all need some amount of social interaction, to a greater or lesser degree, depending upon the individual. Additionally, as limited beings, we need to turn to our Creator for comfort, guidance, and inspiration, including doing so by way of reading Kitvei Kodei (Holy Scripture).

Therefore, lifting ourselves up above our station in life, trying to make ourselves out to be more than who we really are is presumptuous and prideful. If anything, at this current time, we should reflect on our dependency on G-d and other like-minded people in our social, religious, or academic mileu, in order to comprehend that harmony within, is a two-way street.

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